Shahid Kapoor feels shitty due to Rangoon failure!

Check out how Shahid Kapoor feels after his movie Rangoon also starring Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan couldn't make it big at the box office

Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor feels shitty due to Rangoon failure! Source : Press

Shahid Kapoor is much disappointed after the release of his movie Rangoon, as he had already placed his bets on its success but things have not worked in his favor. The actor feels about it and it is obvious as it is unavoidable. But not only that, after its failure Shahid feels shitty about it.

No, we are not saying this but Shahid Kapoor said this to fan on social media. Shahid Kapoor was free after the disastrous release of Rangoon and interacted with the fans and had an interactive Questions and Answers session when a fan asked:

@shahidkapoor One straight forward question. Keeping awards & rewards aside how do you feel when ur film doesn't get commercial success?

To which Shahid replied,


Not only that, when a fan asked Shahid:

@shahidkapoor Is it that you prefer dark films more now?

He stated:

"Nope. Not for a while now."

It seems Rangoon has knocked some sense in Shahid and he is scared of failing on the silver screen and this makes us wonder,  will shahid go back to doing light hearted films now?

Shahid has done some intense movies like Kaminey, Udta Punjab,  Haider, Rangoon, and so on. 

But we miss the chocolate boy Shahid too. 

what do you think guys?