Shah Rukh Khan wants critics to stop rating movies and here's what Mammootty thinks

In a recent interview Malayalam superstar, Mammootty was asked about what he thinks about Shah Rukh Khan's reply on film critics and their star ratings. Here's what he had to say

Shah Rukh Khan wants critic to stops rating movies and here's what Mammootty thinks Shah Rukh Khan wants critic to stops rating movies and here's what Mammootty thinks Source : Press

Just sometime back, Shah Rukh Khan was seen calling out film critics as he thought they review movies like a 'hotel service' with a 2 star, 3 star, 4 star rating. Shah had urged the critics to not only look at the effort put in by everyone but also to analyse the creative aspects of a film rather than just branding it with the star system, further diluting it to nothing.

He said, "We as a film fraternity have to be truer to ourselves, to the stories we set out to tell. So I request all my critic friends here, please don't be like us Bollywood film stars, and get carried away by what Bollywood succumbed to many years ago - the star system. The star system cannot be the only way of summing up films by our critics. 3 stars, 3.5 stars, 3 and a quarter stars, 5 stars...It's a film, not a hotel for God sake. With critics sprouting all over, film critic is becoming an endangered species. Please let it not get replaced by consumer service.."

During an interview south superstar Mammootty was asked to comment on the same. To which he said, "Making the audience come to the theatre and if that is being influenced badly, then, of course, he (Shah Rukh Khan) may be right. But then who will control it? He can only request, that I can also do...". He also further stated that moviegoers should watch the movie and then decide if it was a good movie or no. They should have their own opinion and should not be carried away by others.

Shah Rukh Khan on the work front has not yet announced his next project, whereas Mammootty is gearing up for his next upcoming release Mamangam, which is aiming for a December release this year.