Shah Rukh Khan says AbRam has taught him to love toys

Shah Rukh loves buying toys for AbRam. The little one has a thing for toys, and his dad keeps on getting him new cars, tech stuff and Frisbee, AbRam also drags SRK out, when he sees his fans awaiting.

Shah Rukh Khan, Abram Shah Rukh Khan says AbRam has taught him to love toys Source : Press
Shah Rukh Khan who celebrated Eid with AbRam says that his little son AbRam has brought a lot of joy in his life. The actor says that he no longer wants to get up in the morning on Eid but his son gets ready and is waiting to wave out to the fans and this keeps the actor going. Shah Rukh says that the excitement he sees on AbRam's face reminds him of the festival and makes him celebrate the festival with Zeal. The actor as usual celebrated Eid with fans and media with the same zeal and energy that he does every year. The actor says that AbRam has taught him the love for toys once again."I had forgotten about all the toys as my other two children had grown up but I am learning about them again. I love to buy the latest toys for him now. It takes me back to childhood and I love spoiling him with these toys. There are car's some tech toys and Frisbees. Aryan and Suhana are grown up and they have their own ideas of fun. He says the only advice he gives his children these days is not to lose their temper "If you don’t know what your weakness is you will never be a strong person. Everyone has a different physiology. Some have great muscles. I tell my children that never be rash or lose your temper it will not make you strong. I become over budget. I have kept two people who try to curb my indulgences in films or work. Even in my cricket team I have two people who will tell me what is right or what is wrong as far as my decisions are concerned. I used to work for 25 days. They would tell me don’t cash on your name we are there to do things for you. My only weakness is I don’t reach on time” he adds. Shah Rukh reveals that he also loves cycling in the morning "I went out on a bike with Suhana and in the morning Aryan was also with me on the cycle but they don’t like it here when fans come and throng you. It becomes awkward for them. But yes we go out cycling in London where we wear a hoodie and go cycling. Though they don't enjoy it much. AbRam is still small; he may like it when he is growing up, so I hope we will go cycling when he grows up a little."

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