Shah Rukh Khan reacts on Karan Johar being a single dad in Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan says that its personal moment for Karan Johar and that should be respected he also wished his best friend happiness.

Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan reacts on Karan Johar being a single dad in Bollywood Source : Press

Filmmaker Karan Johar surprised the film fraternity by announcing the news of his new-born twins and celebrities are congratulating the director on the special moment in his life. The director’s close friend Shah Rukh Khan did not post any congratulatory messages on his Twitter profile and the actor revealed recently that the reason he did not do that because it is a private moment for the director. “We wish him happiness. But it’s still very personal. So, don’t think that I am being cagey by not answering it. I have had this moment in my life so I know how personal it is. So, let’s respect it and leave it to that. We will have love, celebrations, happiness, and health later,” Shah Rukh told the media.

Karan has named children after his parents’ names, Yash and Roohi. Karan Johar became a father through surrogacy and celebrities like Kiran Rao, Farah Khan and Sushmita Sen congratulated the director. Farah Khan offered to be a nanny to the kids and said that Karan should be excited for this new chapter in his life. Alia Bhatt went on to say that the two children will be like her brother and sister. Karan released a statement to announce his kids to the world and thanked the surrogate mother and their doctor for carrying out the procedure.

Shah Rukh Khan had himself become a father for the third time through surrogacy three years ago. SRK was present at an event Mijwan and walked the ramp.