Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma high on 'Yakit' fever!

Check out this coolest trend SRK is spreading, with his Yakit videos. The man sure knows what it takes to have his swag on, no matter what the app is, check out the video.

Anushka SRK Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma onn with the 'Yakit' fever! Source : Press

Shah Rukh Khan, loves playing with new gadgets and technology, and we sure can see his love here with this video. A new app called 'Yakit' is taking over the internet with its quirky voice changing and turning your tongue into a meme tongue. And when its such a hit, how could our tech savvy Badshaah Khan stay back? Recently on the sets of his upcoming next with Anushka Sharma 'The ring' the two were having fun with the help of this app. While in the first video we see a poker faced SRK complaining about how Anushka steals all his limelight by coming into every of his picture, in the next one we see Anushka giving a happy boohoo to SRK by telling him that no matter what beauty always comes first. SRK also apparently captioned the picture by taking the story of beauty and beast into reference, check out the videos.



And the beastly version.

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Beauty and beast take your pick.

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That's not all later the actor also decided to carry forward this fever to his kid, and that is why in this video we see AbRam talking to us and letting out his dad's secret. Check out


Necessity is the mother of invention. And my kids approve. Be innovative #srkinstagyaan

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How cute is that? Tell us did you like it?