Say It With Kabira: Tanushree Dutta unravels the dark reality of the society

Watch Tanushree Dutta unravel the dark reality of the society on Kabir Sadanand’s chat show Say It With Kabira.

Say It With Kabira,Tanushree Dutta Say It With Kabira: Tanushree Dutta unravels the dark reality of the society Source : Press

Tanushree Dutta is the current hot topic of Bollywood. The actress who is responsible to bring a stir in the Bollywood film industry has now opened up about the dark reality of the society.

Tanushree featured in the very first episode of Say It With Kabira which is Kabir Sadanand's chat show in association with Frogs Lehren.

We all know that Tanushree recently returned to India and has gained weight. While some reports claimed that she is suffering from some kind of disease, others are just scribbling something different.

Talking about the same Tanushree said "So there is an idea of what is shape and that is something that bothers me. Because nobody gets to decide what shape is? So what good shape for somebody else is might be different for me. Well, if I'm happy with my shape then I see no reason to change it. And if it changes, I'll be still happy with it."

Talking about the society further Tanushree said that for her the society is divided into two parts- Humanity and judgmental. She faced hatred from the people right from the beginning because she did or her movies and her acting did not fit in the definition of ‘Holy.'

Watch the entire episode on Frogs Lehren Facebook channel.

The next two episodes will have Tanushree unfolding some of the darkest truths while the 4th one will have cricketer turned actor Salil Ankola talking about ‘addiction'.

The other actors to be part of the chat show will be Amit Behl, Archana Vednekar, Dheeraj Totlani, Archita Agarwal and Mridanjali.

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