Sara Ali Khan's Kedarnath lands in trouble, shrine priests demand ban on the film

Sara Ali Khan's Kedarnath lands in trouble. The shrine priests and locals demand a ban on the film

Kedarnath Sara Ali Khan's Kedarnath lands in trouble, shrine priests demand ban on film Source : Press

Movies inspired from true stories are always questioned for its veracity in the content. The comparison between the reel and real draws flak and hype from the audience. Sara Ali Khan's debut film Kedarnath with Sushant Singh Rajput has landed in trouble. The film has been receiving the wrath of the protesters, especially the shrine priests who are demanding for a ban on the film.

The teerth purohits of Uttarakhand's Chardham have claimed that the film promotes Love Jihad and thus, hurts Hindu religious sentiments.

Vinod Shukla, who is the Chairman of the Kedarnath priests, said to a leading publication, "We will launch an agitation if the movie is not banned as we have been told that it hurts the Hindu religious sentiments by promoting 'love jihad'(an alleged campaign under which Muslim men target the non-Muslim women for conversion to Islam)."

The Chairman further stated that their protest is also against the vulgar dance sequence in the film which was filmed around the shrine. Also, he added that the locals too have expressed their discontent over the release of the film.

A state BJP leader, Ajendra Ajay condemned the movie teaser and expressed his displeasure by stating, "The movie appears to be an effort to promote love jihad. Couldn't the director find a single Hindu name or character for the main lead? Also, kissing and romantic scenes in a holy place worshipped by crores of people is a sign of disrespect to the religion."

Adding that, the movie poster "shows the hero, a Muslim carrying the heroine, a Hindu" at the backdrop of the Kedarnath shrine.