Salman, Shah Rukh Khan breaking their backs

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are working round the clock for their upcoming films 'Sultan' and 'Raees' which are set for Eid Release.Lets see which one turns out to be a bigger hit!

Salman Khan Salman, Shah Rukh Khan breaking their backs Source : Press

Salman and Shahrukh Khan are making sure that they leave no stone unturned for their upcoming release and have also started promoting the film rigorously in their own ways on the social network. Salman who plays a wrestler in his upcoming is excited about his role as a wrestler and is making sure that the film gets the maximum publicity even during the shoot of the film. He has been preparing for his role in the hit. He has trained himself for the role and has beefed up for the character and weighs 94 kg for the role. But now the actor will be shedding all the weight as he has to be lighter for the part he is shooting. He has shed almost 24 kg now. While Shah Rukh has been speaking of the film constantly to one and all about how exciting his role in 'Raees' is. Both the actors are working day and night to complete the shoot of their films to meet the deadlines after which they will start promoting the film. It is said that the shooting is taking a toll on Salman already that he prefers to stay locked up in his apartment when he not shooting. Even Shah Rukh makes sure that he gets enough rest before he starts shooting for the next day. We are sure that the Khan clash at the box office is going to be a great bonanza for their viewers this Eid.