Salman Khan giving Lulia Vantur hindi lessons!

If the latest buzz is anything to go by, Bollywood star Salman Khan's alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur is busy brushing her Hindi and Bhai is helping her.

Salman Khan giving Lulia Vantur hindi lessons! Source : Press
Romanian actress Lulia Vantur may not have admitted being in relationship with Bollywood star Salman Khan, but she is often spotted with his family members in public. In fact, the pretty actress has a soft corner for India. She loves the food, the people and everything about this country. Now buzz is that Iulia is busy learning Hindi. She has been practicing her Hindi more often. Sources close to Salman say that even Bhai is helping her learn Hindi. He often explains and helps her with different Hindi words. It is said that Lulia is having visa issues and Salman is trying his best to help her with everything. Interestingly, Lulia is going to make her singing debut soon and she has already started taking singing lessons. Well… we can’t help but wonder if she is going to sing in Hindi? Or is it for the visa? Or is it only for Salman Khan and his family, that Lulia is learning Hindi, well whatever the reason is,it will sure be interesting to see Lulia speaking in Hindi. All we and the audiences wait for now, is a press meet with the Romanian actress! What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!