Salman Khan all set to do his stunts himself

Salman Khan is one actor who loves doing his own stunts. The actor refuses to take a body double, however he has been advised by doctors not to take risks as far as stunts are concerned.

Salman Khan Salman Khan all set to do his stunts himself Source : Press

Salman Khan shot some tough action scenes for 'Sultan' recently. The actor did some stunts involving parkour, climbing, swinging, jumping from heights, rolling and running on streets as he didn't want to take a body double. Salman wanted the stunts to look authentic. Sources inform, "Since Salman plays a wrestler in the film the action scenes are very raw and tough. However, the actor has been advised not to do tough action scenes as he has undergone the surgery for trigeminal neuralgia two years ago. Salman has been taking enough care and since he has been trained in parkour, he decided to do the action scenes as it would look authentic. "Director Ali Abbas Zafar has taken enough precautions by having doctors on the sets with ambulances to ensure that everything went off smoothly. Salman too ensured that he lose weight before the shoot and Hollywood stunt coordinators also ensured that nothing untoward happened on the sets. Besides Salman had done a lot of rehearsals before he started shooting" added sources. The film is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and is all set for an Eid release.

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