Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2: More twisted and the most intelligent project he's been part off

Saif Ali Khan seems to be very thrilled about the premiere of Netflix's Sacred Games Season 2. In his recent interview, he talks about his career in the digital world and also dishes out details of his upcoming series

Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2: More twisted and the most intelligent project he's been part off Saif Ali Khan on Sacred Games 2: More twisted and the most intelligent project he's been part off Source : Press

Saif Ali Khan starrer Sacred Games season 2 will stream on Netflix from August 15 and the actor cannot be more excited for it. Said recent revealed how making a foray into the digital world is the cleverest thing he has done in his career. Saif will reprise his role as Sartaj Singh in season two of Sacred Games and will continue with his chase for the truth behind gangster Ganesh Gaitonde's warning to save the city.

Talking about the same, Saif in his interview stated, "Here (in digital medium) there is a difference in pace, tone and even with acting like they try to bring it down a bit. You have to trust the camera that the emotion will be captured correctly if you feel it within. The approach is different, sometimes a Gaiety (single-screen theatre) crowd, although it is changing, might feel that you are not doing anything but you are. They (films and web) are both different platforms. I am platform agnostic now. It is the cleverest thing I have been part of."

He also revealed that season 2 of Sacred Games will be more twisted than the first one. He reveals that season two is very cleverly done and it will go back into the past, then into the future and everything ties up. According to him season 1 was quite basic compared to season two, as in this season a change in gears will be seen. He says, "In season one you know about them, but in season two you are up to it."

Saif who plays the role of Sartaj an under-confident cop in season one reveals that there aren't many changes internally, but there are a few in his look. According to him, his character is "wonderfully human but imperfect and flawed". Talking about his character he says, "I played this character longer than any other character. I think he is the same guy. He is not going to sort out any issue, in fact, it might just get worse. There is no time for wallowing and pity. He is still very imperfect, flawed character and has got addictive nature to alcohol, drugs and pills. He is very under-confident in many ways. He is wonderfully human but a big mess."

Saif for season 1 had to have his personality altered for his character. He had to gain weight to fit the burly, tough physique for Sartaj but this time around he will be seen getting in shape for a more leaner look. He said that in season 2 there will be a lot of drama happening and Sartaj who lost a lot of blood, is not eating much and is seen running around a lot and on top of that, he is not very happy.

The Sacred Games though garnered a lot of praise, it did get involved in some controversy. A member of Indian National Congress party had lodged a complaint against Netflix, the showrunners and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as they allegedly insulted the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in a scene. But Saif revealed that this time around they are "cautious" in their approach.

Talking about the directors Saif revealed that both Neeraj Ghaywan who will now direct Saif and Vikramaditya Motwane who had earlier directed his portions, are creatively different people but brought the best out of him as an artist. He revealed that Neeraj is a little easier going than Vikram, as Vikram is more serious, while Neeraj is more relaxed. Saif also revealed how he is not sure if the series will return back for a third season. He said, "This story ends at the end of this season. So I don't know if they will extend it. This is a fairly solid conclusion. (But) There is always scope for more."

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