Sacred Games cursed! Sexual allegations against Varun Grover forces Netflix to drop season 2?

Netflix to drop season 2 of Sacred Games owing to the sexual allegations hurled on Varun Grover

Sacred Games Sacred Games cursed! Sexual allegations against Varun Grover forces Netflix to drop season 2? Source : Press

After India woke up to the issue of sexual harassment that is prevalent in the Indian workplaces since ages, a series of allegations have piled up against the offenders. It took a Hollywood to reform Bollywood with its #MeToo movement which is catching up the heat of the issue like a fire. With many actors and filmmakers facing the wrath of the movement, Sacred Games writer Varun Grover too hasn't been spared from the grill.

Recently, a woman narrated on social media about her sexual harassment encounter with Varun Grover that occurred during an event. Varun Grover has counterattacked the allegations made on him on social media and denied of practicing any such act. Moreover, Anurag Kashyap and Apurva Asrani defended Varun by calling out for investigations on such matters as they refuse to believe in accusations, owing to their long established acquaintance with him.

According to the reports, Netflix's Sacred Games that grabbed the limelight for its gripping storyline took the media by storm for its impending second season; however, its return for the second season may not see the light owing to sexual misconduct allegations over its writer Varun Grover.

The digital streaming giant is contemplating to either drop the second season of Sacred Games or wipe out the accused name from the credits of the series.

A source close to Netflix stated to a leading entertainment portal, "At this time we are evaluating options on the path forward." A trade source further revealed, "The #MeToo movement is going the Hollywood way. After the news that Reliance is apparently considering dropping Vikas Bahl's (one of the partners of Phantom,) name from the credits in Super 30, which he is directing, now comes another piece of news. In the light of the recent allegations against one of the writers of Sacred Games, Varun Grover, Netflix is considering some options on how to tackle the situation. They may drop the successful web series completely (which turned around Saif's career once more) or drop the name of writer."