Remo D'Souza: My success is the result of my struggle

Remo D'souza was seen being all candid and giving details about everything. Right from his struggle period to how he has attained this success! Read on to know more!

Remo D'Souza Remo D'Souza: My success is the result of my struggle Source : Press
Choreographer-director Remo D'Souza has made it big in Bollywood dance scene by succesfully transitioning from a choreographer to a director. Remo recently attributed his success as a result of his struggle. Talking about his journey in the movie industry, Remo said “It was a roller coaster ride and certainly not an easy one. But I am thankful to Almighty that in one lifetime I have seen both the extreme side, the good and the bad. So I take my success humbly and work hard to continue. My success is the result of my struggle,” Remo launched his personal mobile app known as 'RD's World' to help nurture new talent. Talking about his app, Remo said, “There are three interesting features – one is my merchandise that will be coming in two months, direct video audition that they (budding dancers) can send me and I will judge them and choreograph a new song. Every month I will be releasing a new song that budding choreographers can choreograph and send it to me. That is the chore job of a choreographer that we all do.” The app will provide a platform for upcoming artists to connect with Remo, “Back in the days, there were no phone videos and I used to go after every director for an opportunity; there are days when I used to dance 10 to 12 times on the same music to different people just to get a chance. I know how it feels. Now that I have a platform, why not make their journey a little easy?” Remo added.

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