Real pictures of baby Taimur Ali Khan out with Daddy Saif Ali Khan!

So, a lot of pictures have been making rounds on the internet in the name of Taimur Ali Khan. While some are fake, this one looks like a real one! Check them out!

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Real pictures of baby Taimur Ali Khan out with Daddy Saif Ali Khan! Source : Press

Not even 2 days of delivery of Kareena's baby, and the pictures of little Taimur Ali Khan are going viral. However among a lot of pictures we have come across so far, these seem to be the most real ones. These pictures have not only Kareena and little Taimur but also Daddy Saif Ali Khan. Check them out:

The first picture shows the new born baby sleeping and we have to tell you he looks adorable! Taimur looks like mini Saif Ali Khan. A copy of the Nawab himself. 



In the second picture we see, Taimur Ali Khan with open eyes looking at Mommy Kareena with those adorable eyes. Not only that, we also spotted Daddy Saif Ali Khan along. It looked like Daddy Saif Ali Khan was about to kiss Taimur Ali Khan. And mommy Kareena sleeping besides looked like glow goddess. We can't tell you how lovely the trio looked together!



So now that these pictures are out, we can't wait for more pictures to be out soon! Of course the trend will soon begin on Social Media with Maasi Karisma, Papa Saif and others sharing pictures on their Instagram and Twitter account.  

For now we are happy to see both Kareena and Saif in the pink of their health. We also hope for a quick hospital discharge for Bebo!