Randeep Hooda speaks up on Gurmehar Kaur issue

Randeep Hooda speaks up after the social media took a troll over the two celebrities. Now Randeep writes a letter on the social media. Did he fall in trouble just because he found Virender Sehwag’s tweet funny?

Randeep Hooda, Gurmehar Kaur issue Randeep Hooda speaks up on Gurmehar Kaur issue Source : Press

Don’t hang me over a laugh!
Viru cracked a joke and I admit I laughed. Damn!! He is so witty and this is one of the other million things he’s said that has made me crack up. That was it!!

Randeep Hooda stated in his open letter after he has been accused of bullying and silencing Gurmehar Kaur who has been in headlines for the past few days. We are sure that, Randeep Hooda is not a saint or some superhuman. However, the point here is that he also has the right to express himself on any platform. And that’s what he did, he expressed himself on Twitter and then on his Facebook. 
He wrote, “She spoke up, she stood for something she believes in, so then, she must also have the courage and fortitude to listen to the voices against it. To point fingers at someone else (in this case me) and hold him responsible for the reactions to her actions is not right. I have absolutely nothing against her and strongly believe that violence is wrong. Threatening a woman with violence is an even more heinous crime and the perpetrators should be brought to task with the most severe punishment.” 
Read on his full open letter here, and tell us what you feel about the whole issue: