Ram Gopal Varma warns superstar Shah Rukh Khan

Producer-director Ram Gopal Varma took to the social media to warn Shah Rukh Khan on his recent movie FAN. He states this by comparing Shah Rukh Khan to Kamal Hasan.

Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma warns Shah Rukh Khan Source : Press

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted recently took to the social media to warn Shah Rukh Khan about his recently released film FAN. The director drew comparisons between South actor Kamal Haasan and Shah Rukh Khan. He said that Shah Rukh doing a film like this would be a great blunder. The director feels that Kamal Haasan lost his fan base when he started experimenting with roles in his movies. Whereas he draws comparisons between Rajnikanth and Salman Khan who are increasing their fan base with commercial films. The director tweeted "Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc is as big a blunder as what Kamal Hasan did to lose his stardom to Rajnikant." “Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajnikant till he started doing dwarf, fat, tall etc., and as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisors”. “Great actors are dime a dozen in NSD, Stage etc whereas stars like SRK come blessed by God/Allah/Buddha etc, which is what SRK is not realizing”. “Clint Eastwood super star for 30 years being himself and then is critics hero. I don’t believe in God but as fan I pray to Allah SRK realizes truth”. “SRK must learn from mistakes of Kamal and not listen to near and dear ones who are stopping him from becoming a Mega Rajnikant”. “I call SRK as Megastar because he neither has muscles of Salman nor workmanship of Aamir but yet he is taller than both by being just himself”. “Rajnikant is Rajnikant because he always himself and Kamal always trying to be someone else. I hope SRK will remain like himself just as Salman is.” “Kamal Hasan could have been a better Rajnikant if he didn’t keep becoming some1 else..so SRK should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be Salman”. Is Shah Rukh Khan reading this and taking himself seriously now? We wonder?

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