Raees: Shah Rukh Khan on the promotion spree, one dies

As we know, Shah Rukh Khan is on his promotion spree in Vadodara and fans go crazy on his arrival after the train leaves which almost causes a stampede

Raees, Shah Rukh Khan, promotion, one dies Raees: Shah Rukh Khan on the promotion spree, one dies Source : Press

Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Raees is set to release soon and King Khan is back to the origin of the story. By that we mean, Shah Rukh choose to travel in train to the Gujarat for the film’s promotion. It was very much obvious that his fans would be present there to welcome him to the city. 

The whole of Vadodara railway platform was crowded with hundreds of people, just to get a glimpse of the actor. The Bollywood actor took the August Kranti Express on Monday, but he did one wise thing. The actor chooses not to get off from the train and just decided to show his love to his fans by just waving. Shah Rukh also urged them to watch the film through a loudspeaker, well, Mahira Khan surely missed out some fun. 

Well, this was all the goody-goody side of the promotion spree, and as they say, every coin has two sides, the promotion spree too had a bad side to it.

As hundreds of people were present at the platform hours before the train arrived. People collapsed and were a part of the chaos which was created just for King Khan. All this chaos created stampede which included all, men, women and children too!! And sadly one person died because of the chaos. Farid Khan Sherani, who was in his late 40s was present on the platform with his wife and children. The train however halted for few minutes due to which Farid Khan collapsed and was hurt. He was then rush to a local hospital with the help of local police force, but he couldn’t make it and took his last breath on arrival.

As per reports suggests, Farid Khan Sherani was a known figure in the old city area of Vadodara and was also affiliated with the Samajwadi Party. He had also contested the civic elections in 2005 on an SP ticket, sources said. He also ran a dormitory near the railway station. But then later, the Raees star showed his condolences towards the family of the deceased person. But was not just Farid Khan who was hospitalized, 2 Railway police constables of the Railway police also collapsed and are undergoing treatment at SSG hospital and are said to be out of danger. Several other persons were wounded and left bleeding during the near-stampede.