Raees Banned in Pakistan

Shah Rukh Khan's most awaited film Raees is been banned in Pakistan for allegedly portraying muslims inappropriately in the film

Shah Rukh Khan And Mahira Khan Raees Ban in Pakistan Source : Press

It seems Shah Rukh Khan's Raees didn't go well with Pakistani fans as the movie is been banned in the country. According to sources, the ban is caused due to portraying of Muslims as terrorists and in an inappropriate manner. Reportedly, the censor board stated, "The content undermines Islam, and a specific religious sector, while also portraying Muslims as criminals, wanted persons and terrorists."

Sanjay Gupta's Kaabil was the first film to screen in Pakistan after the subsequent ban since months. Indian films were banned in Pakistan after the Uri attack in which 19 of indian soldiers had lost their lives. Since the relationship between the two nations were quite unwell. Though the ban was later scrapped in 2016 and Kaabil become the first Bollywood film to hit the pakistani screens after suspension.

This banning of Raees led huge Twitter war the very first person to lose his calm over the ban was Director Rahul Dholakia. He soon took to his Twitter to express his outrage. He tweeted, "#raees banned in pakistan. Outraged!! Dumbfounded!!". Later the outrage was followed by the other Twritterites.

Earlier, the film was critically opposed in India over casting Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in it. The situation was later calmed down as Shah Rukh himself assured that Mahira Khan would not be a part of movie promotion. But the actress had strongly criticised the oppose over her ban for promotion.

However, Mahira who seemed outspoken all over has not spoken anything over the ban.