Post administrative leave, Business Head Ashish Patil gets terminated

YRF's Business Head Ashish Patil gets terminated officially today owing to sexual misconduct accusations.

Ashish Patil Post administrative leave, Business Head Ashish Patil gets terminated Source : Press

India's MeToo movement is growing stronger each day with many women coming forward to voice their stand against sexual harassment by calling out the names of the sexual offenders in public and media platform. Bollywood has been gripped with the controversy majorly and to add to the shock, many reputed names have been dragged into the controversy. However, the movement is gaining support from all quarters of the entertainment industry who are taking every possible action against the sexual predators to ensure a safe workplace for men and women.

As the Business Head of YRF films Ashish Patil was accused of sexual harassment of a woman who shared her story anonymously on a TV channel, the offender was sent on an administrative leave by the production house. On Monday, YRF released a statement, "Ashish Patil has been asked to proceed on administrative leave till YRF thoroughly investigates the allegations levelled on him. YRF has earnestly requested the survivor to kindly step forward and share her account of the incidents to the Presiding Officer of our Internal Complaints Committee who would maintain utmost confidentiality. We seek her kind cooperation in the investigation so that we can appropriately address this issue. We are more than willing to extend our full support and cooperation to address this serious allegation. YRF has zero tolerance towards any form of sexual exploitation or harassment of women and we shall take the strictest necessary action against the alleged perpetrator, if the allegations of sexual harassment are found to be true."

However, as per the latest development, YRF has officially terminated the service of Ashish Patil today with immediate effect.

The YRF's statement reads, "Yash Raj Films terminates the services of Ashish Patil: Vice President- Brand Partnerships and Talent management and Business and Creative Head- Y Films, with immediate effect."