Poonam Pandey's strips for Indian Cricket Team

The controversial Poonam Pandey has done it again. She posted her picture doing strip tease, for Indian Cricket Team obviously.The hot star is hits it again

Poonam Pandey's strips for Indian Cricket Team Source : Press

Poonam Pandey has become the symbol of patriotism. Every time there is a big cricket match round the corner, she promises to give a little something like her nudes or her cleavage show, as a reward if Indian team wins, and sometimes she just does it as a surprise, it motivates Indian team and the players get the required morale boost. Recently, Poonam Pandey surprising the Indian Team, gave another cleavage show and wrote, “A SMALL gift to team India in Maa style #IndvsBan YOU ROCK!! Muuuuuaaah” as India won the on-­the-­verge-­of-­losing match against Bangladesh. Well, who wouldn't get motivated by those!! What say?? Earlier, Pandey hit the headlines after promising to go nude following India’s World Cup triumph in 2011 and offer her strip show on Twitter last year when the Indian team had defeated South Africa at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. However, that did not happen. But the actress kept her promise when India won the World Cup in 2011. Also, it was heard that she was dating Vinod Khanna’s son a few weeks back. It's our very own publicity queen Poonam Pandey and veteran actor Vinod Khanna's son, Sakshi Khanna. The duo has been spotted club-hopping and holding each other's hands on various occasions, reports Mid-day.com. According to the report, a source informed that their body language reveals it is more than just friendship between the two. Poonam had released a sensuous yoga video on the occasion of International Yoga Day. In the video, Poonam is seen practicing various yoga poses. She has also renamed some of the asanas. The Nasha actress had uploaded the video on June 18 and it has been viewed by more than 1 million people till date. Apparently, the video has also created a lot of buzz on Twitter. So much so, that #YogaKaroTohPoonamPandeyJaisa was trending in India.

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