Period horror fantasy returns! Soham Shah's Tumbbad to return with a sequel

Soham Shah's Tumbbad to return with a sequel. Tumbbad 2's shoot has already began

Soham Shah Period horror fantasy returns! Soham Shah's Tumbbad to return with a sequel Source : Press

The commercial viability in Bollywood has driven filmmakers to ride on the success of the prequels by making sequels. Although, the sequel is the result of the success of the prequel, its resonance with the audience without perturbing the original essence derives the merit of the same.

After receiving immense adulation from the critics and the audience, Soham Shah is all set to make a sequel to Tumbbad. The work on the film has already kick-started.

Informing about the same, Sohum Shah said to a leading tabloid, "I always knew I would take this idea forward even when I was working on the original. After the release, we have got multiple requests of a sequel. I have already started developing the idea and am scouting for writers to pen the script. It will be a different story this time but the connection to the place Tumbbad will remain. Some of the characters, including that Hastar, will be retained. Even I will return in some way though we are yet to zero down as how."

Director Rahi Anil Barve was the brainchild behind the previous installment of the film, which had its own challenges before it could take off. About the same, Sohum said, "However, I found the concept new and exciting and was game for the challenge. The idea is so rooted in our culture it seems like one of the stories our grandmothers would narrate to us when we were kids." Sohum is glad that his 6 years of hard work paid off.

Interestingly, horror films scare Sohum, despite of him making a film on the same genre. "I can't sleep for two-three days after that. I only remember watching Raaz as a kid and saw Stree recently. I really liked it," Sohum said.

Meanwhile, Sohum's next is titled Batuni which is touted to be a slice-of-life drama. "I will act in it too. The character is a somewhat delusional guy, very talkative and judgmental. The film will roll sometime in April and will be shot in Mumbai. And I can't wait to shoot Tumbbad 2," Sohum concluded.