MUST WATCH: Salman Khan taking training sessions for joining the army!

Who would know that it would happen someday? But well it is true! This video of Salman Khan shows him training really hard to get into the army!

MUST WATCH: Salman Khan taking training sessions for joining the army! Source : Press

Tubelight is one of the few movies that we really have high hopes from. Especially after Salman Khan giving some of his best shots in the trailer itself. Sallu Bhai is expected to give one of his career’s best performances in the movie, and so the training for it has already begun! Wondering what we are trying to say here? Well, recently team Tubelight has released a video where we see Salman Khan going through some heavy army training. The scene is apparently a part of the movie where we see an innocent Salman giving his best to join the army. Whether it is exercising or crawling under the nets, innocent Salman aka Laxman does not hesitate from going all the way to make sure he is selected in the Army along with his brother. However something goes amiss and poor Laxman is not selected. Sohail Khan being the ideal elder brother, is seen consoling Laxman and saying that he has been selected for another army, where they have to stay at their place and protect the nation! Aww, how cute is that?

While this video may not have been that long, it was sufficient enough to make us intrigued to wait for the movie. The scene also showed a rattling chemistry between Sohail and Salman; which obviously was very entertaining!

Tubelight is all set to hit the theatres on the 23rd of June. The movie also stars Zhu Zhu and is directed by Kabir Khan.