Mika Singh supports Demonetization

While the entire Bollywood has different opinions on an issue like demonetization, Mika Singh is completely in support of Modiji this time!

Mika Singh Mika Singh supports Demonetization Source : Press
Mika Singh has voiced many chartbuster in the past. The hit maker recently commented on the ongoing demonetization drive by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and praised the PM citing that it was a good and bright decision. However, he voiced his opinion on the matter saying that people have misused the move and have not followed it properly. The singer spoke to the press on the audio launch of his upcoming Punjabi movie 'Sardar Saab' which also stars Jackie Shroff, Daljeet Kalsi, Guggu Gil, Neetu Singh and Sudesh Berry. Due to demonetization, Mika had to delay the release of the movie by three weeks. "This was the basic reason why we had to push the release date of the film. A lot of people in Punjab prefer buying movie tickets in cash. That's why we thought of pushing the release date," he explained. The movie will now release on 6th January 2017. Mika, who is one of the producers of the movie, further added, "The story of 'Sardar Saab' was really good. When I heard the concept, I felt that it's something new that they are coming up with. In Punjabi cinema more focus is currently on comedy or romance." "Currently there is no time and need to do acting again. This year I was mainly concerned about releasing my own music company. We are looking forward to promote fresh talent through that. There are eight songs in 'Sardar Saab'. I have sung one of them." he replied, on being asked about his absence from acting.