Meet Anjula Acharia- The mastermind behind Priyanka Chopra's humongous success

Behind Priyanka Chopra’s massive Hollywood foray, there’s a woman named Anjula Acharia. Read to know more.

Anjula Acharia Meet Anjula Acharia- The mastermind behind Priyanka Chopra's humongous success Source : Press

Priyanka Chopra- a self-made actress who conquered many heights of success with her constant run in the film industry. Modeling, Beauty Pageants, Bollywood films and then Hollywood, the actress' success ladder seems to be growing high with each passing day.

As the saying goes behind every successful MAN, there's a woman, here the case is almost the other way round. In Priyanka's case, we can say that behind Priyanka's success there's a WOMAN named Anjula Acharia.

Yes, Anjula Acharia is the mastermind behind Priyanka Chopra's humongous success and her successful foray in Hollywood.

Acharia- a full-time partner at Trinity Ventures dreamt only one thing in her life and that was to get a desi artist into mainstream America. She achieved her goal when Priyanka Chopra was launched with Quantico that opened in the US on 27 September and launched in India on 3 October.

Anjula got Priyanka in almost every slice of entertainment in the Western world-starting with contracts to cut songs with leading American pop stars, and a chance to perform at the National Football League (NFL), to the pinnacle of American sport and to be the brand ambassador for the biggest fashion brand for the all-American girl and, finally, the lead role on prime-time TV, she made it sure that Priyanka get all the name and fame she deserved.

Let us tell you that Anjula Acharia was one of Priyanka's bridesmaids at her wedding with Nick Jonas.

Anjula earlier said about Priyanka that "even if it doesn't resonate, at least America is going to see what a star she is and we will do other things."