Masaba Gupta's epic reply for those who called her 'Illegitimate Child'

Masaba Gupta, daughter of Neena Gupta and Sir Viv Richards have been trolled on her twitter handle recently. Take a look at her reply.

Masaba Gupta Masaba Gupta's epic reply for those who called her 'Illegitimate Child' Source : Press

Trollers and haters have been rising ever since the use of social media are rising. People have forgotten that these mediums are used as a strong communication platform. Communication here means the Good one. Recently Masaba Gupta was trolled by calling ‘bastard child' and 'illegitimate West Indian' on the social media platform Twitter after she tweeted in support of firecracker ban in Delhi by Supreme Court.

She received a lot of backlashing saying that she has no right to tell people of this country what they should do. The ace designer has now released an open letter and has given an epic reply to all the haters and trollers.
Some excerpts from her letter read, "Recently I had retweeted in support of the firecracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in this country; big or small...The trolling and bashing began.

By calling me names like ‘bast*** child' or ‘illegitimate West Indian', it only makes my chest swell in pride. I'm the illegitimate product of two of the MOST legitimate personalities you'll find and I've made the best life, both personally and professionally...out of which I am proud of.

Take a look at her note here.

Masaba Gupta

Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, and Chetan Bhagat have already given their support to Masaba openly on Twitter. It would be appreciated if many other celebs and people to come out in support of Masaba as no one has the right to talk about one's illegitimacy.