Malaika Arora blames Salman Khan for her divorce with Arbaaz Khan

As we know, Malaika Arora Khan has split with her husband Arbaaz Khan and they are about to get divorced officially. Malaika Arora Khan has blamed Salman Khan for the situation.

Malaika Arora blames Salman Khan for her divorce with Arbaaz Khan Source : Press

Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan's marriage seems to have come on the verge of ending...Yes you have heard that right. According to the latest reports, Malaika recently visited his lawyer to add some more points in her divorce paper. In reference to a leading news portal, Malaika has directly blamed Salman Khan and family for her divorce with Arbaaz Khan. The points that she mentioned are- 1. I want to divorce Arbaaz because our marriage has failed to give me any financial stability. 2. My husband and his family want that I start leading a simple and domestic life, which I will not. 3. I shall never forbid my son from meeting his father after the divorce, but I should get his custody at any cost whatsoever. According to other sources, "Malaika has never come to terms with the Khan family's close bonding with one another. She has always felt like an outsider. Now when Salman is talking to Malaika to encourage reconciliation, he is forgetting he never approved of the way she dressed, of the work she did and the friends she had. Salman and Malaika hardly share a bond where he can tell her to salvage her marriage with his brother.'' If reports are to be believed, some insiders also revealed that Arbaaz Khan's family never accepted Malaika which made her feel uncomfortable and in fact, Arbaaz's first priority was always his family and brothers.Taking into consideration all of this, we wonder how much of this is true but if it is, it has actually stunned us and we guess you too?