Laila Main Laila: Not Sunny but SRK is nailing it!

So, the song is finally out. But unlike our expectations it is SRK and not Sunny Leone who kills it. The actor completely has us drooling over his looks!

Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone Laila Main Laila: Not Sunny but SRK is nailing it! Source : Press

When a bit of the song "Laila Main Laila" was played in the trailer of the movie Raees, we thought the surprise "Sunny Leone" is going to give us with this song will sure be worth the wait. But seems like that is not the case. Sunny Leone did add the "Oomph" factor of course, but there was still something missing out when it came to high expectations from her. The expectations were really high from the lady. However contrary to what we thought, it was actually SRK who adding to all the required steaminess in the song. His intense glares at Sunny is something all girls would be drooling over. The actor has killed it completely.

The song which opens to Sunny Leone dancing in a bottle, making us all believe that something "HOT" is about to come next. However all our theories are proved wrong when we see her suddenly smiling through out the choreography. Making her appear more "cute" than the required "sexy". But what takes us completely by surprise is our very own King Khan. Right from his non stop staring at Sunny Leone, to his Hot dance with her, this man completely takes us off our shoes. Those evil eyes are sure going to capture more hearts than sunny's so called sexy moves. All in all the song sure has been worth our wait. And if not visually, we will at least soon have people downloading it in their MP3 player. 

Check out the song right here:

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