Karan Johar goes digital! To venture into digital production

Filmmaker Karan Johar to produce digital content under Dharma Productions by next year

Karan Johar Karan Johar goes digital! To venture into digital production Source : Press

The dawn of the internet has witnessed the potency of unapologetic web content that influences the audience to experiment entertainment that is devoid of the television and film content standards. Every filmmaker and actor choose to drive into the medium without the inhibitions that monitor their creative expression for unfiltered content.

As per the recent reports, Karan Johar is venturing into digital production by next year. Revealing about his plans in the digital space, Karan said during an interaction with a leading entertainment portal, "We're planning to (go digital) next year. It's going to be a solid digital company-we want to be content providers and creators. We have everything in place already and we're good to go in a few months."

Further reports suggest that Dharma Productions will roll out episodic and feature films on digital streaming giants like Prime and Netflix with the same budget as mainstream films. Besides these, short videos and interviews will also be showcased digitally under the Dharma Productions banner.

Adding further, Karan Johar explained about his way of handling movies that are anticipated as box office failures. He said, "Of course you go ahead with the release, you can't leave the film in the cans, you've got investments, you need to recover them. I can't afford to not release a film, I haven't reached that stage yet. And I feel digital cannot be a dumping yard. If you've chosen to make a film that is not going to work, release it, take the backlash, move on."