Karan Johar breaks his silence on #MeToo movement

Karan Johar talks at length about the significance of #MeToo movement in India in his radio show Calling Karan

Karan Johar Karan Johar breaks his silence on #MeToo movement Source : Press

The #MeToo movement in India brought the sexual predators to light irrespective of their professional status and popularity in Bollywood. After Tanushree heralded the movement by expressing explicitly about being sexual assaulted by Nana Patekar, many victims came forward to name and shame their sexual predators.

Some celebrities supported the movement while some shunned away from speaking up. It had been a very long time since Karan Johar maintained a questionable silence on the movement. However, the rude awakening of the movement led Karan to finally break his silence and opine about the gravity of the sexual harassment issue that had impaired Bollywood since ages.

Talking about the #MeToo movement, Karan Johar spoke at length on his radio show Calling Karan, Karan said, "So how do you get consent? You ask for it! You have to ask, 'Are you ok with this?' or 'Do you want to do this'. It's important for people to understand both the verbal as well as the non-verbal communication they get from someone they're with. These are the basics; basics that we often tend to forget. When you come close to someone, when you're about to get intimate, how can you not ask for consent?"

Adding further, he said, "Sending someone pictures of your private parts is also not cool! Kissing someone or touching them inappropriately while they're drunk, is not cool. Persisting with flirtatious texts, even after someone has explicitly expressed discomfort, is definitely not cool! You must respect the boundaries that others set for you, and that's precisely what you ask for consent, and always respect the answer."

About the importance of consent, the filmmaker continued, "It's important to say YES clearly if you are okay with it, and more importantly, it's ok to change your mind at any given point of time without feeling the need to give an explanation. If you feel uncomfortable, you can withdraw your consent and just say 'NO'".

He added, "Sex minus consent equals sexual harassment! That's the math, and it can't be any simpler. And hence, it's really important to keep asking the question, and always respect the answer."