Kangana Ranaut revives Vishal Bhardwaj's dream project

After "Queen", Kangana is now set to make a mark on the heart of her fans by her latest film, Rangoon. Kangana fulfills filmmaker, Vishal Bhardwaj's dream to make a film on Fearless Nadi aka Mary Evans

Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut revives Vishal Bhardwaj's dream project Source : Press
Vishal Bhardwaj has always wanted to make a movie on the life of yesteryear stunt queen Fearless Nadia. He even started work on the project when he signed German actress Franka Potente for the role but the project was shelved. The movie is often regarded as Vishal’s dream project. Kangana has come to Vishal’s rescue, as she will be playing the role of Nadia’s doppelganger, Julia. The trailer of Vishal’s upcoming movie ‘Rangoon’ showcases Kangana in a unique avatar performing stunts and having a romance with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Nadia’s grandnephew choreographer Shiamak Davar is excited about the project, “She was my Marymai. She loved me insanely and left her famous trademark whip and mask, and even her house to me. She would openly say I was her favorite," he said. It was Nadia who encouraged Shiamak to take up dancing. “She was my inspiration. She encouraged me to sing and dance and would tell my parents all the time to never stop me from chasing my dreams. I am where I am because of Maryami’s encouragement," he added. The movie starring Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan is set to release on 24th of February this year.