JUST IN: Shahid Kapoor does Misha's 'Muh Dikhai' on Instagram!

So, finally its unveiled. Shahid Kapoor has finally shared a picture of his daughter Misha with Wife Mira Rajput! Check out how adorable the baby looks!

Shahid Kapoor, Misha JUST IN: Shahid Kapoor does Misha's "Muh Dikhai" on Instagram! Source : Press

So, yes this is how she is going to say hello to the world. Shahid shared an adorable picture of Misha and Mira on his social media page of Instagram. In the picture we see Shahid's wife Mira Rajput kissing daughter Misha on the cheek:


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He captioned the picture as "Hello World" to put emphasis on Misha's first hello to the world! Isn't the picture simply adorable? The little one is a copy of Shahid Kapoor and we have to tell you looks simply adorable! Her eyes specially are exactly like Sasha's!

It was just yesterday that Shahid said that he will be uploading a picture of Misha on the special occasion of his birthday! But seems like he coudn't wait till his birthday! 

How cute is this now? 

Sure, we will expect more pictures of the junior one now!