Irrfan Khan on a romantic rendezvous

Irrfan Khan, who has been known for his intense role has now been looking for roles that can showcase his lighter side.He will be doing three romantic films in the future.

Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan on a romantic rendezvous Source : Press

Irrfan Khan, who has always done intense roles is now looking forward to doing more lighter roles. His last film with Shoojit Sircar portrayed him in a romantic role. Filmmakers are now approaching him with scripts that can explore his romantic side. The buzz is that the actor has signed three films which are romantic ventures. Irrfan is already shooting for a love story opposite Golshifteh Farahani in Anoop Singh‘s songs of the Scorpion. He will also be seen opposite to Pakistani beauty Sabah Omar in Dinesh Vyanjan‘s next as a producer as a romantic hero. Apart from that, he will soon be signing another light-hearted romantic venture, where he will be seen on a road trip with his romantic interests. Irrfan Khan had recently said that "I would love to do some roles which have romance as an angle now. I want to explore that side of me." We would love to see that side of you too, especially after you being regarded as one of the finest actors both by the industry and audience; it will be really exciting and interesting to see you in such roles. Irrfan, who is also famous in Hollywood, says that despite his busy shooting schedules, he often tries to take time out for his personal life and share the housework load with his wife. "The way society is changing now, we can't really depend on the stereotypes which have been made by people that women have to work in the house and men should go and work outside. Now, the roles are changing and it's better for us to understand these roles and adapt accordingly to keep the relationship and life at home exciting," Irrfan said.

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