Indu Sarkar maker, Madhur Bhandarkar cancels press conference due Congress protest

Madhur Bhandarkar was not allowed to leave from his hotel by Ramdaspeth Congress activists in Nagpur.

Indu Sarkar Indu Sarkar maker, Madhur Bhandarkar cancels press conference due Congress protest Source : Press

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar in the Ramdaspeth, Nagpur for a press conference for his upcoming film 'Indu Sarkar' which was later canceled due to Congress protest. Congress activists did not allow him to come out of his hotel. Bhandarkar and his team were at Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth and the press conference supposed at Port O' Gomez Restaurant in Gandhi Nagar before noon.

Around fifty Congress workers, led by Vikas Thakre, city president, gathered in front of the hotel and started protesting with the slogans against the filmmaker and Indu Sarkar. Bhandarkar smelled the trouble soon and decided to cancel his press conference at the end moment. The filmmaker's personal staff passed on the message to the journalists gathered at Port O' Gomez. Apart from protesting near his hotel, about 10 to 12 workers were also ready to creat ruckus at the press conference venue, but they failed as he canceled. It was sort of surprising when the Nagpur Police did not take any action against Congress workers. The protest was totally nonviolent, but for the safety of the filmmaker, they should have taken few steps.

Madhur Bhandarkar also took it to his tweeted a video of the ruckus and captioned it as, "Dear @OfficeOfRG after Pune I have 2 cancel today's PressCon at Nagpur.Do you approve of this hooliganism? Can I have my Freedom of Expression."

Indu Sarkar is set against the backdrop of the 1975-77 Emergency Era and the characters are inspired by the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.