I take every moment in life as an opportunity to learn and grow, says Hrithik Roshan

Actor Hrithik Roshan has said that he doesn’t get disempowered when a situation in life doesn’t go in his favor but rather introspects and works on it.

Hrithik Roshan I take every moment in life as an opportunity to learn and grow, says Hrithik Roshan Source : Press

Actor Hrithik Roshan is not going through a good time professionally and personally. The actor recently divorced from his wife Sussanne Khan after a lengthy controversy with actress Kangana Ranaut. On the work front, Hrithik’s films are failing to make an impact box office wise. His last two films have incurred losses to the distributors. The actor has always learned from his failures and setbacks and has come back stronger than ever. He recently released a motivational video in which he can be seen struggling to cope up with achieving his goals. The video was released in association with his clothing brand ‘HRX’.

Hrithik shared his life lessons with his fans in a recent interview and said that,“I think there’s a lot to learn. Do not feel disempowered by the situations in your life. They are there to serve a purpose, they are there to teach you something.” The actor recalled a situation in his life when he was 21 years old and doctors suggested him to rethink his career as they thought his body was not capable of dancing and other aesthetic activities required for acting in films as a lead star.

He remembered another incident when his father was shot in the year 2000 and he could see him lying in a hospital bed with blood drenched white sheets. Hrithik feels that he takes each moment as it comes and makes it an opportunity to learn and grow. The actor is yet to sign another film after his January release ‘Kaabil’.