Here Are Shocking And Weird Bollywood Celeb Habits

Bollywood celebs might look all fancy and glamorous but some of them have weird habits just like normal people do. Celebs are only humans after all. Some have very shocking and weird habits that might make us change our opinions about them.

Here Are Shocking And Weird Bollywood Celeb Habits Here Are Shocking And Weird Bollywood Celeb Habits Source : Press

Read the article below to know weird habits of your favourite Bollywood celebrities.

Vidya Balan: Vidya Balan is obsessed with sarees and has over 800 in her closet at all times. She had claimed that she "sees herself in a saree even she is sleeping". She definitely has the vintage look to carry the garment. The beautiful ‘Parineeta’ actress is an old school soul.

Preity Zinta: The cleanliness obsessed actress is obsessed with clean bathrooms. She will never use any washroom unless it is squeaky clean. Preity even ensures that she leaves it spic and span after using it, and checks a bathroom's cleanliness when she books a hotel. 

Shahrukh Khan: The King Khan has an entire floor dedicated to gaming equipments and gadgets. Shahrukh invites his friends for competitions with him at his home “mannat’’. Oh and Shahrukh also hates being clicked when he’s eating food.

Sushmita Sen :The sizzling hot beauty of Bollywood is weirdly fond of snakes. She has a pet python snake at her home, wow Right? She also loves to have a bath on her open terrace where her bathtub is placed.

Priyanka Chopra: PC is one of the most orderly and organized actresses of Bollywood. And she even has a fetish for shoes. She apparently owns a collection of over 80 pairs of designer shoes of all colours and brands. She usually wears brands like Louboutins and pointed-toe pumps seem to be her favourites. She has an eclectic mix of studded pumps, booties and slingbacks.