Govinda into heavy financial crisis!

So, this is what Govinda has to say about all these years that he was sitting idle and how he is in look of some real job these days! Check out what he has to say!

Govinda Govinda into heavy financial crisis! Source : Press
Govinda has always been the actor for the masses! We all remember him for his iconic roles in movies like 'Raja Babu' 'Jhoru Ka Ghulam' 'Coolie. No.1' etc! The fact that he could entertain not only with his acting but also with his dancing does not leave us and we sure can't stop drooling every time we see him on screen. But you know what's sad? This entertainer who once used to make us all smile and sway is now siting idle in search for work! Yes, in a candid interview with Times of India, he confessed of how suffering due to lack of money, is the worst suffering. This is what he was quoted saying exactly. "Suffering because of lack of money is the worst suffering in the world. It is a pain you can not show, particularly if you're famous. You've got to be thick skinned to admit in public that meri band baji hui hai. I'm a sensitive guy so I suffer silently." Not only this, when Govinda was asked about Salman Khan, who was his best friend. If even he never offered Govinda a movie? Very honestly Govinda answered this question and said that although he was offered a movie by the Bhaijaan, he didn't want to take the risk of doing it because it was an arty cinema, much unlike commercial movies he is known to do! He also very modestly said of how Salman had even bought a big signing amount for it, but because of differences in understanding and interpretation of scripts, a humble Govinda had to reject it! Well, all this simply shows us the dark side of the glitz and glamour world! And sure we miss chi chi equally much!