Govinda blames Bollywood conspiracy for affecting his film Rangeela Raja

Govinda slams people in Bollywood who play conspiracies to affect his comeback on the big screen

Govinda Govinda blames Bollywood conspiracy for affecting his film Rangeela Raja Source : Press

Some actors etch the minds of the masses with their undisputed dexterity which has marked eras that witnessed their time in power. Bollywood actor Govinda who has ruled the 80s and 90s is struggling for his comeback on the big screen. His recent release FryDay tanked at the box office while his upcoming Rangeela Raja has received 19 cuts from CBFC.

In an interaction with media, Govinda expressed his displeasure towards the same and mentioned that Bollywood conspiracy is affecting his films.

As per the reports in a leading daily, Govinda said, "Nine years back, I started realising that my films, which could have been hits, would not release. And if they did, then they were not released properly. I didn't know there are people who don't want my films to release. My film Sandwich didn't release for so long. All my friends from the industry including Aamir Khanand Salman Khan told me that it was a sleeper hit when they watched it and asked me why it never released. I kept quiet. I was taught, as a child, that these things depend on your luck, so I am supposed to work hard and move forward. Then so many of my films didn't release. So many times I was told that there was a problem between the financiers and the producers. Sometimes the films had some legal troubles. Again, I thought it was not meant to be. Again, my film with Ashtavinayak Films didn't release, but around the same time Rohit Shetty's film was released. Many of my films never saw the light of day."

Adding that, his last outing FryDay failed to earn good box office numbers despite of being critically acclaimed. He said, "Recently my film FryDay was released and it got a 3.5 stars rating. Everybody appreciated the film, but it never got enough screens. Reasons cited for this was ‘Govinda's films cannot be good enough to pull a decent crowd, how can we give him screens?' I didn't react to this also. I kept quiet. But now, Pahlaj Nihalani's film didn't even get a date at the censor board. This is something to think about. I have been taking all this for so many years. It has been 9 years now that I am struggling. What is the problem? Where is the problem?"

Moreover, Govinda mentioned that issues like these propel him to think that people are blocking his return on the big screens.

Govinda said, "I don't know what wrong have I done, but I don't even want to discuss this. I am not getting a platform. My films don't get enough screens. I don't know why these things are happening with me. I am even out of politics now. I am clean. With all these experiences, I am forced to think that there is a problem. There are some people in the industry who are not providing me with a platform to act. I am sorry to say this, but there is God, and he will never do wrong to anyone, including me. But there definitely is some conspiracy behind not letting me work and showcase my work, for sure. But I will not give up. I will continue working hard."