Gauri Shinde: I revisit my work time to time to reflect on my mistakes

Gauri Shinde is one of the few female filmmakers in the country at the moment and she has no plans to slow down after delivering two acclaimed films.

Gauri Shinde Gauri Shinde: I revisit my work time to time to reflect on my mistakes Source : Press

Gauri Shinde, who is one of the emerging filmmakers of the country and garnered praise for both of her movies that she has made till now. Her two projects, ‘English Vinglish’ and ‘Dear Zindagi’ have both been praised by critics as well as viewers and co-incidentally both the films revolve around a female character. The director has admitted in an interview that she is her own critic and often goes back to review her work after a month or so to see what could have been done better. “You always feel that the film could have been better. I am my own critic. After there is a long gap in the film I look back and always feel I want to make certain changes,” she said.

Talking about a deleted scene from her last film, Dear Zindagi which featured Alia Bhatt in the lead role and Shah Rukh Khan is a supporting role, Gauri said that though the scene was uploaded on YouTube, she had a tough time deciding if she wanted to keep it in the final cut or not. Due to time constraints, certain scene shaves to be left out and it was one of them. But after reviewing her work after some months, she feels that the scene deserved to be in the film after all.  She is now looking forward to the film’s response on television and hopes that more and more people will watch it on TV. ‘Dear Zindagi’ was a success at the box office when it released after demonetization in November last year.