Discover love in friendship again! Karan Johar to roll out Dostana 2

Karan Johar to roll out Dostana 2 with new cast

Dostana Discover love in firendship again! Karan Johar to roll out Dostana 2 Source : Press

Bollywood films have delineated the significance of friendship that discovers love in it. With a blend of romance and comedy, the amity depicted in the films establish a new perception of relationships. Karan Johar's Dostana embodied a new perspective to the discovery of love in friendship. If reports are to be believed, the filmmaker who was waiting for a strong script to return with a sequel to Dostana has finally locked one.

As per the reports, Karan Johar will roll out the sequel to Dostana next year. The film will be made with two new leading actors and one new leading actress and the shoot for the same will begin next year. According to the source, Priyanka Chopra won't be a part of the film.

A source close the development revealed to a leading tabloid, "The script is currently being developed and should be locked by the end of the month. The film is expected to go on the floors early next year."

The original starred Abhishek Bachchan as the male nurse, John Abraham as a fashion photographer and Priyanka Chopra who works for a fashion magazine. The film revolved around two guys who pretend to be gays only to shelter themselves in a New York apartment as tenants. However, they fall in love with a girl whose aunt is the owner of the apartment who prohibits straight guys as her tenants.

Earlier, it was reported that both the actors will reprise their roles in the sequel; however, it is unlikely that the sequel will feature them in the lead roles. A source said, "Karan wants to cast two new actors in the film."

Adding further, the source confirmed that Priyanka too won't be a part of it. A source said, "There will be a girl to complete the triangle and she will be a Bollywood A-lister but it won't be Priyanka reprising her role."