Deepika Padukone HATES Ranveer Singh's Fashion Sense

Deepika Padukone recently referred to her alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh's dressing style as “outrageous” on Neha Dhupia's chat show BFFs.

Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh,Deepika Ranveer Deepika Padukone HATES Ranveer Singh's Fashion Sense Source : Press

Deepika Padukone called out alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh by referring to his dressing style as "outrageous" while she was on Neha Dhupia's chat show BFFs with her sister Anisha Padukone.

As Deepika continues to slay the fans with every appearance of her, she has a very funny piece of advice for her Ranveer Singh, who has always had always been seen in quirky and vibrant dressing.

The actress recently appeared in the chat show along with sister Anisha Padukone and had a gala time chatting with Neha Dhupia. According to the sources, when the host Neha asked Deepika to complete a sentence she threw at her, '"Ranveer, stop doing...", Deepika quickly replied, "Stop doing outrageous clothes."

Well, the fact that Ranveer has a wacky taste in fashion and loves to experiment with his clothes and maybe that is the reason why Deepika decided to take a dig at her man. How cute!

Well, in a recent interview, when someone questioned him about his fashion choices, he retorted that his craziest look is yet to come. Well, brace yourselves people!

He further added that he has always had a thing for quirkiness, by saying, "In school and adolescence, I was known for my outrageous fashion. I was the first to sport baggy jeans and show off the top of my briefs as a fashion statement, the first to wear sports jerseys, use styling gel, wear chunky silver jewellery. It's how I have always been. People in my school WhatsApp group are hardly surprised; they say it's good to know I haven't changed."

Well, we are excited to check out his "craziest" look.