Deepika has us screaming "Hell YESSS!!" as she states Ranveer is the PERFECT fit for Met Gala 2019

Deepika Padukone who was recently seen attending the MET Gala 2019 in a Zac Posen gown looked gorgeous no doubt, but she revealed how husband Ranveer Singh would be a perfect fit for MET Gala 2019 and we just couldn't agree more

Deepika has us screaming Hell YES as she states Ranveer is the PERFECT fit for Met Gala 2019 Deepika has us screaming Hell YES as she states Ranveer is the PERFECT fit for Met Gala 2019 Source : Press

Well, who isn't aware of Ranveer Singh's crazy and erratic style? That man if decides to wear a sack the next time on the red carpet will still be on top of his fashion game!!! And after looking at his wife Deepika Padukone walking the pink carpet of the Met Gala, obviously looking stunning, (and might we add, played safe with her look) we couldn't help but think how Ranveer Singh would have been more suited for Met Gala given this times theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion.

Deepika Padukone in her Met Gala BTS video too said, "He has this crazy sense of dressing. I think he would be actually a perfect fit for tonight's theme. I think he would do 100 per cent justice to the theme." TOTALLY!!!! We couldn't agree more.! But she further stated, "but I am representing him." Representing? Well not really!!! As she didn't have even half the confidence or the craziness that always surrounds him. The energy at the Met Gala 2019 was just immense, and adding Ranveer to the mix, well let's just say would leave people talking about it for years to come.

Ranveer being the supportive husband that he is, took to Instagram to leave a cute comment on one of his wife's pics from the Met Gala. He wrote, "love it, smashing" and left about a dozen heart emojis.

Deepika seems to have had a fan moment after looking at Lady Gaga's Met Gala look. So here's what actually happened: When Deepika got her make-up done and announced to her fans in a video, "I look like Barbie," Lady Gaga had already arrived at the Met Gala and began with her act. Deepika who at that time was yet in her green room was shown the glimpses of Lady Gaga's outfit changes, and Deepika in the video, who is also watching Lady Gaga in another video, can be heard astoundedly saying, "She pulls it off! I mean that's her... is that her second look? So, four looks?!!" Kind of similar to our reaction, just with more sophistication and poise and no swear words, of course!!

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