Contradictory to her past sexual harassment experience, Shilpa Shinde shows no support for MeToo

Shilpa Shinde shows no support for MeToo, as she finds the movement futile with no change guaranteed

Shilpa Shinde Contradictory to her past sexual harassment experience, Shilpa Shinde shows no support for MeToo Source : Press

Ever since the MeToo movement in India emerged, many celebrities have called out the names of the culprits and accused them of sexual harassment. The movement has gained a lot of importance as celebs support the condemnation of the age old illicit practice of Bollywood.

Amidst the protest against sexual harassment in Bollywood, television actress Shilpa Shinde, whose past sexual harassment experience with her producer of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai had stirred enough controversies, has turned her back towards the movement.

During an interaction with a leading publication, the ex Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde commented about the movement by stating, "It's rubbish. You have to take a call that time only, it's simple. You should speak about that matter that time only. Even I got a lesson. Jab hota hai, tabhi bolo - baad mei bolne ka koi faayeda nahi, it's useless. Baad mei aap voice raise karte ho, usko koi nahi sunega, just controversy hogi - nothing else. You have to take a call that time only when it happens and obviously, you need power." (Say it when it happens, there and then. If you come out later, it won't help and no one will listen.)

Adding further, the actress also stated that the industry adopts give and take policy and that no rape exists in the industry. The actress also mentioned that she had to fight her own battle when she was sexually harassed by the producer and that no organization came out in support for her. Shilpa claims that the issue isn't only restricted to entertainment industry, but is a common occurrence in other work sectors as well.

She said, "This industry is not bad and it's not very good. Everywhere these things happen. I don't know why khud hi industry ka naam kharaab kar rahe hai. (why is everyone themselves spoiling the name of the industry). So those who are working and they got work - sab hi log kharaab hai? (Is everyone wrong?) Aisa nahi hai, it totally depends on you. Aapse saamne waala insaan kaise react karta hai, aap usko kaise answer karte ho. (how someone reacts to you and how you react to someone) It's totally a give and take policy. Women are speaking now but at that time also I said that there's no rape in this industry - zabardasti nahi hota. (it's not forced) Whatever has happened in our industry, it's a mutual understanding. It's a mutual thing. If you are not ready to do that, just leave that thing."

Shilpa Shinde further states that the MeToo movement will go futile with no change guaranteed. She added, "Honestly I don't want to talk about it. I feel whatever is happening today - it's something different - nothing will be changed. It will go on and on and on. I don't know why they are spoiling our industry's name. People are now talking about our industry - ki aisa hota hai, waisa hota hai." (things will remain as they are in the industry).