Chhichhore Movie Review 2019: Campus Capers And A Conscience

Chhichhore Movie Review: Campus Capers And A Conscience

Chhichhore Movie Review 2019: Campus Capers And A Conscience Chhichhore Movie Review 2019: Campus Capers And A Conscience Source : Press

The pressure of exams and results shouldn't stress out a student and bring his life to the brink.

It's a lovely and much-needed message that stays with you long after the fun and fights of campus life. Writer-director Nitesh Tiwari conveys it emphatically by telling the story of young Raghav who can't handle the failure of an entrance exam. While he's in a critical condition on a hospital bed, his divorced parents and their friends from college come together to tell their story and enthuse Raghav to fight for his life.

The unexpected reunion in hospital when Raghav's father Anni reaches out to his buddies from the past brings a lump to the throat as do several other scenes. But Tiwari takes care to temper his message by swinging between emotion and entertainment. The hark back to bawdy campus life with ragging and risqué addictions raise the required laughs. Among others, in Hostel No 4 which houses the Losers, there's senior Sexa and his pornography, and there's Anni who goes tongue-tied before Maya, the glamorous one on the campus.

There's rivalry too between two hostels which leads up to an intense battle where the Losers who are the underdogs have to give it everything they've got to put up a respectable fight. While doing your best is a good positive message to emit, scenes of winning not by upping their own game but only by heckling and underhand tricks isn't a fun story to tell. Fortunately Tiwari corrects it after a while and has the losers attempting to play a good game or two.

Drawing parallels between Raghav's condition in the hospital and the campus battle, Tiwari weaves in his messages of how winning and the results are not what count in life. But the parallels become predictable. Like the doctor saying, "Koshish karenge. Aur kar bhi kya sakte?" And Tiwari cuts to a similar dialogue at the college when there's a crisis.

Although it seems heavily inspired by 3 Idiots, it does have a rhythm of its own. But it's inordinately long and needed to be much crisper. Since there are also too many characters without star power and there are scenes that fall flat, boredom sets in many a time. Pritam's music too isn't sparkling. Also, Maya may be an achiever in her own right but when the men get together, it's only she who gets dinner ready. One would think Tiwari would have been a little more contemporary with scenes like that. 

However, what counts is that Tiwari once again brings in his vital messages with a twist or two and winds it up very well.

Shraddha Kapoor looks lovely and is comfortable as Maya. Varun Sharma as Sexa provides the comedy. Sushant Singh Rajput surprisingly puts in only an average performance. While he's at ease as a student, he's not entirely convincing as the concerned parent.

Verdict: For a film that has a mix of fun on the campus, strong emotions and a very important social message for students and parents, Chhichhore gets a 3.5* rating.

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