Censor Board's ban on 'Raees' invokes mixed reactions in Pakistan

Shah Rukh Khan's crime drama 'Raees' was banned by Pakistan's Censor Board last week and this has invoked mixed reactions from fans and critics in the country

Raees, Shah Rukh Khan Censor Board’s ban on ‘Raees’ invokes mixed reactions in Pakistan Source : Press
Shah Rukh Khan’s latest crime drama ‘Raees’ has been banned by the Censor Board in Pakistan and the news has been received with mixed reactions in the country. The film was banned last week for apparently showing ‘Muslims in negative light’. Fans, critics and the people associated with film industry in Pakistan lashed out at the government for banning the highly anticipated film which also stars Mahira Khan in the lead role, besides SRK. The Chairman of the Central Film Censor Board of Pakistan, Mobashar Hassan told the media that the decision to ban the film was taken after considering various factors. “The consensus was that the film has an anti-Islam and anti-Muslim theme and portrays Muslims negatively. Plus, its portrayal of a particular sect could also lead to reactions. We decide to give certification on basis of the content and theme of the film,” he said. A report in a leading newspaper in the country said that the regional censor boards in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh were in conflict with the Country’s censor board as both the bodies had passed the film without any cuts. A full board meeting was held by the country’s censor board and it was decided that the film won’t be given a certificate for release in Pakistan. ‘Raees’, which also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the role of an honest police officer released to packed houses in India on 25th January. The film has been doing phenomenal business in India and overseas territories and has surpassed the Rs 300 crore benchmark at the worldwide box office.