Aryan Khan follows his father Shah Rukh's footsteps

Aryan Khan is now following his father's footsteps.The youngster has posted pictures comparing himself to his father. While there are many directors wanting to launch him, it will be interesting to see who gets this opportunity.

Aryan Khan Aryan Khan follows father's footsteps Source : Press

Aryan Khan eldest son of Shah Rukh Khan seems to be in the limelight these days. The youngster has been posing for hot pictures and grabbing everyone's attention. Recently he put up pictures of his chiseled body alongside Shah Rukh's pics from Om Shanti Om on the social network. Well, it certainly seems that Aryan is going to be the next star on the anvil going by his pictures. Meanwhile, he is busy completing his studies in U.S. We are sure he is being groomed to be the perfect hero material. While Karan Johar has already portrayed his wishes to launch the kid, there may be many more wanting to do so. King Khan’s son he is after all. SRK may decide to launch him as well. Meanwhile, there were news of Aryan Khan, dating Navya Naveli, Shweta Naveli’s daughter, and Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter. How much of true it is, only time will say. Right now while they are busy completing their studies, we can just watch them on the social network. We sure know the wait will be worth something big in the future!

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