Arjun Kapoor reading Saif's sms in public

Arjun Kapoor recently did something that shocked one and all. He was seen reading Saif Ali Khan's messages to media.The message let the media people adapt silence, lets see what it was.

Arjun Kapoor reading Saif's sms in public Source : Press

The time the promo of Ki and Ka has come, the public and media have been going crazy over the kiss shots of Arjun and Kareena. The actors looked quite comfortable with all of it, but seem the media wanted to assume their own stories about it. Many even fuelled tales of Saif getting angry over Arjun for doing the same, and once it was reported that he was even angry with Arjun for calling Kareena late at night. Well, all this seems to be baseless how? We will tell you. Recently after the screening of Ki and Ka, Arjun Kapoor became angry with media people repeatedly asking him the same question, angry and out of control, Arjun finally read the text Saif had sent him after watching the movie promo, the text read this “I just saw your promo, bro. You killed it. Well done! It’s so relaxing, fun, modern and different. I think you have a great hit on your hands. Celebrate soon.” This made the media mum instantly, moreover Ranveer Singh who was also present there, took onto Arjun’s side; by saying Saif is such a cool person, why would he do that. Well, Arjun, we get it, your anger was completely justified.