Anupam Kher relinquishes from the post of the Chairperson of FTII

Veteran actor Anupam Kher resigns from the post of the Chairman of FTII owing to work commitment issues

Anupam Kher Anupam Kher relinquishes from the post of the Chairperson of FTII Source : Press

After a lot of hullabaloo to oust actor Gajendra Chauhan from the post of Chairperson of the prestigious film and television institute FTII, veteran actor Anupam Kher was appointed as the Chairperson of FTII. The decision by the institution's committee came into effect after a prolong protest led by the students and members of the FTII.

However, Anupam Kher's issues in work commitments questioned his professionalism which placed him under the radar of media and the FTII committee. Some months ago, Naseeruddin Shah made some remarks over Anupam Kher's work as the Chairman of FTII. He had said to a leading news publication, "Where is he? How can I comment on his work when he's hardly ever at the FTII? I don't think he's been there more than twice. I go to the FTII to deliver some lectures every now and then. I am told that he's not seen there very often. If he chooses to spend some more time at the institute, we'll get to see the work and be able to comment on it. Till then, what can I say?"

Now, as per the recent reports, Anupam Kher has relinquished from the post of Chairperson of FTII owing to work commitment issues.

The veteran actor who was bestowed by the Government of India with the prestigious awards, the Padma Shri (2004) and Padma Bhushan (2016) for his work in the field of cinema and arts announced his resignation on social media by writing, "It has been an honour, a privilege & a great learning experience to be the Chairman of the prestigious @FTIIOfficial. But because of my international assignments, I won't have much time to devote at the institute. Hence decided to send my resignation. Thank you."