Anil Kapoor travels in local train.

The ‘dhina dhin dha’ actor, Anil Kapoor recently travelled in a local to avoid the ‘visarjan traffic’. He was accompanied by some policemen for the star's safety.

Anil Kapoor travels in local train. Source : Press
Ganpati celebrations have gripped Mumbai and many Mumbaikars are having the traffic woes as they struggle to reach home from work. It’s not surprising that there would be no traffic in city like Mumbai. While, Bollywood celebs are busy with the Ganesh utsav, the 24 actor found himself a shortcut to reach his home faster. The 59-year-old recently travelled via local train to avoid the visarjan traffic. He shared a picture of himself and wrote: ‘Avoiding the visarjan traffic & earning brownie points for getting home on time with the wife!’ on his Twitter handle. Anil was not alone. He was accompanied by police officers who guarded him in the local train. He posted the picture too on his Twitter captioning, “Don’t worry not arrested, just a Happy #selfie with our cops. Thank you for everything! #MumbaiLocal #Dadar Isn’t that really cool? We wish more Bollywood celebrities would travel in local trains like common people.