Amidst #MeToo movement, Saif Ali Khan opens up about his own harassment experience

Supporting MeToo movement, Saif Ali Khan talks about being harassed 25 years back

Saif Ali Khan Amidst #MeToo movement, Saif Ali Khan opens up about his own harassment experience Source : Press

India's MeToo movement has been strengthening at every step with many women standing against the immoral standards of Bollywood. As many men in Bollywood have stood in support of the movement, they have demeaned the illicit practices of Bollywood by appealing for a safer work environment for women.

Actor Saif Ali Khan is one of the actors to have condemned sexual harassment that is prevalent in the industry. The actor who is known for not mincing his words stated that he hates women being mistreated and that the predators should know how disgusting it is. Amidst #MeToo movement gaining the momentum, Saif Ali Khan recently opened up about his own harassment experience that he had faced 25 years ago.

In an interaction with a leading news agency, Saif Ali Khan said, "I have also been harassed in my career, not sexually, but I have been harassed 25 years ago and I am still angry about it". He further added, "Most people don't understand other people. It is very difficult to understand other people's pain. I don't want to talk about it because I am not important today. Even when I think about what happened with me I still get angry. Today, we have to look after women. People are offended and they want justice. What is happening is good and it gives you a sense that something is happening."

Speaking about Sajid Khan's demeanour towards women, the actor said that he remembers none of such incidents during the shoot of Humshakals, however, if there was any then he wouldn't have tolerated the same.

"I don't remember anything like this happening genuinely because if it would have happened I would not have been comfortable in that environment or allowed it to happen in front of me. I would hate an atmosphere where women are being looked down upon or mistreated in any way. I don't think that's how an atmosphere should be. We all need to have the same attitude. I don't want to work with them. We have to understand that how these people are behaving, it is not okay, it is disgusting," said Saif.