All you need to know about Karan Johar's period drama Takht!

Some interesting details about Karan Johar’s Mughal period drama film Takht straight from the horse’s mouth.

Karan Johar,Takht All you need to know about Karan Johar's period drama Takht! Source : Press

Karan Johar's period drama Takht has not only hyped the audience with its stellar star cast but also with the creative storyline.

Now Karan has divulged some more details about the film and it will increase your excitement even more. A leading daily quoted Karan saying as "The film is based on a true historical event that transpired... It is embedded in history and that is why it is important to tell the way it was."

"It is not my interpretation of history but what happened then. The story is based on the Mughal empire and what people know... Every writer and director has their interpretation of history, but in this case, we are not creating anything. It is based on the historical facts and we are doing it with a lot of dignity" he added further.

Talking about the film and ace filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali- who is a master in period films, Karan said "I think Mr Bhansali has achieved some of the most beautiful pieces of cinema, his work is of a beautiful canvas. I am an admirer of his work as a fraternity member. But my film cannot be compared to what I have done or anybody else has done."

He also said that the casting was not easy but he managed to find his dream cast.